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With the development of raising the Californian rabbit and assisting our breeders, along with great communication and cooperation throughout the club, the unity of 50 members in 1947 working together to make the CRSC a new foundation of growth in breeding, educating and showing the Californian rabbit, many achievements have occurred. We can attribute this to the dedication of the club’s past and present officers, and our membership. This year (2014), the CRSC celebrates over 65 years of existence!

Today, the Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, Inc. has over 650 members and we send out over 400 newsletters quarterly. Approximately 1,000 show sanctions are issued each year for our annual Sweepstakes contest. 

There are changes being made daily due to the increase of memberships and shows sanctioned by the Californian Rabbit Specialty Club thus making the motto true; " From the East to the West, Californians are the Best "



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