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ARBA Convention


2017 ARBA Convention
October 1-5
Indianapolis, Indiana


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Auction animals




COME TO THE BOOTH!! Eunita Boatman and her committee: Christine Shelton and Holly Nisely are working together to have a Californian Breed Booth for everyone to visit and enjoy. Please bring items to the booth for the raffle! Donations are needed!

I will have some Californian caps, show aprons and T-shirts for sale this year. The T-shirts are a bright red with our Cal logo on them. Patches and decals will also be available in the booth.


The Banquet will be on Monday, October 2 at 7pm in The Spaghetti Factory in downtown Indianapolis.

I visited the restaurant and you will enjoy the room and the food. Reservations should be made at the booth so we will have an idea how many will attend.

There will be a selection of food available. Menus will be in the booth. Everyone will pay their own tab to the restaurant. Come and enjoy a good time with fellow Californian Breeders! Awards for the ARBA Show will be passed out and the Sweepstakes awards will be presented for the past year.


CRSC Club Meeting is Wednesday, October 4, 2017   8:00 am   Discovery Hall, Room 2

Jerry Hicks


Commercial Show Open & Youth
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Check in closes at 3 PM, Judging at 5 PM
Judges: Wade Burkhalter & Dr Scott WIlliamson
Meat Pens Premiums:
1st Place $1,000
2nd place $400
3rd place $300
4th place $200
5th place $100
Single Fryers
1st $300
2nd $200
3rd $150
4th $100
5th $100
6th $75
7th $75
8th $50
9th $50
10th $50
Roasters & Stewers
1st $50
2nd $30
3rd $20


Scholarship auction of live rabbits is Tuesday,
October 3, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Several Facebook pages are posting info and pictures of the rabbits each day.


Check out will start at 7:00 AM at the designated checkout area.  You will pick up your packets containing your paperwork, remark cards, ribbons, legs and copy of your entry.  Be prepared to show sales slips to the committee in charge  You must have a checkout sheet or sales slip bearing the ear number of any animals you are attempting to checkout.   Exhibitors without proper check out papers may have their checkout substantially delayed for security reasons.

All animals must be out of the showroom by 3:00 PM Thursday, October 5.  Any animals remaining after this time become the property of Hoosier Rabbit & Cavy Shows Inc.

This info comes from page 27 of the Official Catalog for the 94th ARBA Convention October 1-5, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each breed appoints their own committee members to assist in their areas for checkout.   Be sure to check with the club officers to find out who that is.





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