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Man/Woman of the Year  
We are currently seeking information on the following past winners of the Man/Woman of the Year to update our "History Book".  If you are listed here, please contact me or if you know the where some of these folks are, let me know.    We are searching for just a short bio of these individuals, we have "why" they were afforded the honor of Man or Woman of the Year, but in some of the cases, we do not know how they got interested in Rabbits, what they did in their "other non rabbit life", and who their mentors were.

1970- Kyle Cunningham
1975 - Kathry Reese
1980 - Richard Wigfield
1986 - Mark Detter
1987 - Trudy Hannon
1990 - Greg Trouba
2005 - Wayne Coffey.
2007 - Diane/Darrel Howe
2008- Mary Keller
2010- Kevin Theobald
2011- Dave Pauly
2013 -Johnny Hopper

Can you help?
Please contact me at or give me at call at 503-989-0142.  I thank you in advance.

Nita Boatman




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